Leprechauns: Another way to ensure your child will need therapy

Yesterday evening we went to the park to try and work off some St. Patrick’s Day overstimulation. Sally saw some older kids, ranging from about 7 to 10 years old, trying to dig a hole to China. After she stared at them long enough, they said hello and briefly took notice of her small Dora the Explorer doll.

Sally: “Yeah, this is my Dora doll. The leprechauns brought it to me, I think probably because I’m doing such a great job in school. They also ate the banana and left the peel on the doorknob, by the green sparkles on the plate, and they turned the milk green AGAIN and stacked up all the pillows crazy, and I think I heard them when I was sleeping, and I got some chocolate coins and this doll, and they took the house I made for them and left a note from the leprechauns and she was 427 years old and her husband was really wanting a new house so it’s nice that I did that, I didn’t want to trap them because I decided that wasn’t very nice, they came to my classroom and messed it up and we had frog cake that my mom and I made, it’s green.”

Me: *Please, big kids, don’t ruin it, don’t ruin it, don’t ruin it….*


Sally: . . . “Yep. It was pretty cool.” [Skips off into the sunset]


8 responses to “Leprechauns: Another way to ensure your child will need therapy

  1. at least the older kids didnt shatter her dreams?!

  2. New favorite post! That is hilarious.

  3. theveryhungrybookworm

    hahahaha…when I was little, my big brother said that bad kids get eaten by leprechauns so I shudder a little bit even now…

  4. Those poor big kids didn’t even know what hit them…

  5. I keep thinking about this post and I can’t stop laughing! I love Sally and your art work. You painted a perfect picture! Thanks…:)

  6. I’m thinking she must have gotten her imagination from you!

  7. Ha! So this is really a widespread tradition? I thought it was just your silly family! 🙂

    • As Mr. Embee said, “You know your family’s weird leprechaun traditions could easily be debunked by Sally’s friends and thereby ruin ALL fun kid traditions, like Santa.” I think it’s more widespread than it was when I was a kid, though, probably because my family is spreading it around.

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