The Twins are Here

The twins are here. After trying for months, wondering when our time would come, we finally have them. They’re adorable. Here’s the one I love the most:

Identical iPhone Twins: The Mr. was busy with the other one.

However, it’s a whole new ballgame trying to parent Sally with the new babies in the house. For days she was excited about their impending arrival. She alternates between wanting desperately to play with them (which, of course, they are too new and fragile for) and being jealous of them (“I want my own!”). We tell her she can use the older and sturdier iPad, which she adored just 24 hours ago, but it’s not the same as holding that brand new baby with it’s factory-fresh smell.
Just as important, however, is Mr. Embee’s relationship with the twins. He immediately jumped in to get them all synced with the rest of our household. He loves them. Maybe more than he loves me. And that causes a little bit of jealousy on my part. I’m sure it’s just post-purchase hormones, because they’re really sweet little computers, but sometimes I envision doing this:

Murdered iPhone. Photo: DoNotLick/Flickr


3 responses to “The Twins are Here

  1. Should I get one of my own? Wondering if Verizon can handle the boat-loads of diapers and spit up…or if I should wait…

    • It appears the big problem with these babies is that they are epileptic. I lose reception constantly, which never happened on my ’90s-era device.

  2. Congrats! Remember: Having little ones won’t necessarily make a marriage stronger, and may bring too much added stress. However, in a few years/months you may want to give them up for adoption, so you can have others…

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