Cat Got Your Doll?

Have some tea, my pet. Or I'll throw a tantrum.

One of my biggest goals as a parent is to ensure that my daughter doesn’t become an ax murderer. Responsibility to society, yada, yada. You understand. And getting the cats was supposed to help with that. You have to feed pets, play with them, be nice to them. The problem is, our entire family gets great pleasure out of torturing them. They’re just so EASY. They’ll do anything. Including attempting to covertly eat mac ‘n’ cheese, not to mention spicy ‘oriental crackers’ from Trader Joe’s, but that’s another story.

So, not only do we allow Sally to put the cats in compromising situations (though, in her defense, they often sit their fluffy behinds right on the situation), but we laugh and photograph it. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump to ax murder.

Made to give artistc consult.

He slept like this for at least 30 minutes.

Forced to live in cramped quarters. With a ghost.

What?! He likes playing castle.

And baby dolls.

And Barbies. Okay, maybe he doesn't like the Barbies.


7 responses to “Cat Got Your Doll?

  1. Looks like the cat doesn’t like acting like an elephant for the dolls. I do like the 1/2 an egg on the head though. I would have been right there taking a picture.


  2. Poor Luna has already had to endure bumble costumes and baby doll beds. We understand!

  3. Is that Barbie from toy story? Man her and Ken do get themselves into some crazy situations!

  4. My first comment is…what an absolutely GORGEOUS kitty! Such a regal, manly face. And bless his little heart for playing along so nicely. We’ve got one kitty with a very similar tolerance level. And then there is Sophie. Outweighs all of us dramatically and has an evil eye that can stop our small monster (I mean, adorable little boy) dead in his tracks. I am totally trying to learn something from her!!

  5. I love the baby doll picture. Looks like he’s holding the doll hostage in a vice neck grip!

  6. Your posts always brighten my day. Thanks! I just listed you today as one of my Top 10 Blogs I Enjoyed This Week. Have a great day.

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