And the winner is…

Thanks for all the comments/prize entries. I learned a lot about what posts people like and, perhaps more importantly, that you people are really easy. I probably could have gotten you to do a lot more for a prize. I’m going to remember that for next time.

Without further blathering, our winner is Jen! Which is great since she is not related to me (as half my audience is) and a family member winning might have appeared biased. Another reason it’s great is that I momentarily thought I had drawn the Jen that lives in Australia and I had visions of gargantuan international shipping costs. Anyway, our winner Jen just lives on the frozen East Coast. Jen used to be my neighbor and is this freaky wonderful woman who has two kids and runs marathons. It’s a lifestyle I’ll never understand. Anyway, congratulations, Jen! You will soon be receiving your very own Mom-Colored Glasses mug and a Starbucks gift card. Because all moms need caffeine, I don’t care how many miles you run every day, and it’s the best way I can virtually take you out for a cup of joe as a thanks for reading.

  1. I love them all. I like the sandwich board. I wish I was around to honk and wave. Instead it is below freezing and we are stuck inside…again!


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