What Happens In Our Bed

This is what my marital bed should look like:

This is what it looks like far too often lately:

Help us. The small ones are winning. . . .


9 responses to “What Happens In Our Bed

  1. A picture says a thousand words…LOL

  2. Are you taking art classes? Your pictures are getting better and better!

    • Oh goodness, no. I’m pretty sure any art teacher would escort me to the door! But I’m glad you are enjoying them. 🙂

  3. Does Mr. Embee have that much hair???

    • Mr. Embee has white man afro. It grows and grows directly outward if he doesn’t keep it trimmed. 🙂 The man will never run out of hair.

  4. What is it with kids sleeping horizontal in our beds? One night I’m being kicked in the head. The next night I think she’s fallen out of the bed, only to find her horizontal at the foot of the bed. And I am NOT a proponent of co-sleeping. I just have no willpower in the wee hours of the morning. None.

    • I don’t have willpower either. We actually have an air mattress at the foot of our bed and that’s where she goes if she can’t sleep in her room. Then if it’s 5 am or later, I’ll let her into our bed. But some nights those “rules” just don’t seem to work out and I do whatever I have to to get some sleep, even if it means getting head-butted all night!

  5. This, Summer, is the real reason there is a childhood obesity crisis. Skinny children have sharp knees and elbows. We have to fatten up our kids, or their jabbing and prodding will keep us awake for ever!

    Still, on the bright side, we will look back on these sleepless nights and laugh one day. Probably in 20 years time. When our offspring are moaning about their own children’s co-sleeping habits.

    Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh…

  6. “I do whatever I have to to get some sleep, even if it means getting head-butted all night!”

    Amen! There is no method to the madness… Sometimes Lu sleeps the entire night her bed, other times she crawls into our bed and sleeps on my head.

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