The NeverEnding Story

Lately our bedtime reading has been taken to a whole new level. And by that I mean a deeper layer of hell. I have, historically, enjoyed bedtime reading with Sally. But she’s reached this point where her brain keeps growing at an annoyingly fast pace and this leads her to ask questions CONSTANTLY. And books, what with their educational properties (dagnabit!) exacerbate the problem. I give you the first page of Pinkalicious:

It was a rainy day, too wet to go outside.

“Why is it raining? Is it winter time there? Why is she wearing that dress?

Mommy said ‘let’s make cupcakes. What color do you want?’ ‘Pink,’ I said, ‘Pink, pink, pi-‘

“I would pick BLUE. Blue blue blue! Why doesn’t that one have a cherry on top yet? Is she going to eat them all? Why doesn’t her brother want one? Does she want to turn pink? I think she wants to turn pink because it’s her favorite. I would pick blue. Can I take cupcakes to school? Can we make blue ones?”

That’s the first page, people. Four lines. The whole thing is excruciating. I could read War and Peace in the amount of time it takes Sally to analyze whether Corduroy really lost his button or if it was a manufacturing flaw. And yet I can’t seem to make myself ignore her and just plow through the book. I don’t want to stunt her brain development and have her still doing this as we read the Twilight series together in 12 years. So I read, slowly, and answer questions, and then go bang my head against a bottle of Chardonnay.


6 responses to “The NeverEnding Story

  1. that’s what i have to look forward to huh? why do i want my son to start talking again? lol!

  2. I always have a favorite line in all your posts. Today’s was your closing thought.

  3. And of course, there is always the fall-back and oft repeated question, “Why… why… why….”
    But don’t worry, most parents find this wonderful stage of parent knowing everything (shape their minds NOW!) will only last about 6 years, followed by 2 years of wondering if the parents really know anything, followed by several years of absolutely surety that parents don’t know anything and often CHOSE NOT to tell the truth… :^)
    It gets a little better when they get out of college, and get a job…
    Enjoy…later it will seem to have gone all too fast!

  4. Get a picture book and let her “read” it to you. I think there is one out there called “Tuesday” that is especially motivating.

  5. I myself have spent some time wondering if Corduroy’s button was lost or just never existed. Perhaps Sally and I can discuss when we next meet. 🙂

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