Career Aspirations

Some days, Sally wants to be an astronaut. Other days, she wants to be the guy who dresses up as a sandwich and waves to people on the street. Today was a sandwich guy day. So naturally, being mom of the year, I nurtured her dreams. Behold:

Sally's idol and mentor. Photo: Lefty91/flickr

Officially making us the crazy family on the street.

That's my kid. On the corner. Waving to cars.


15 responses to “Career Aspirations

  1. Aw, I love it! My EldestDaughter asked one year to be a slice of pumpkin pie for Halloween. If I can ever find the picture again, I’ll have to do a special “Halloween Highlights” post!

    I love that you helped her fulfill one of her dreams. You’re a wonderful mom! 🙂

  2. This one gets my vote for best post evah!

  3. Well, tied with the disney Princess gropes one for best post evah anyway 🙂

    • Okay, I was gonna say, “better than the boob grab?!” I was cracking up sitting on the sidewalk. Some people clearly got what she was doing. Other people might have called child protective services, I’m not sure.

  4. it’s so sweet.anyway is that a hotdog man? 🙂

  5. Ah — Living the dream!

  6. We laughed ’til I cried…but still laughing!

  7. This is so cute. Tell Sally that her I love her shoes!

  8. I’ve warned my kids about not pursuing college and ending up on a street corner waving signs like these in tacky, loud polyester outfits! Stay in school.

  9. Wow! A REAL sandwich board. Very impressive!

    Costumes are not my forté. Every year the Preppies at our primary school have a fairy tale dressup day. The oldest wanted to be an angel. Easy. The second wanted to be a king. Also easy. The third wanted to be a fairy. Easiest of all!

    The fourth, being a bit of a trend-breaker, wanted to be the littlest Billy Goat Gruff. Oh. Oh dear.

    I’m hopeless with a sewing machine, so I scoured the shops and the internet. Finally I found a goat mask on eBay, and ordered it. The day before the big event, though, the ordered mask still had not arrived. Oh dear.

    An internet search found a picture of a goat’s head cap. No pattern, though, so I made my own pattern, (never done that before. Will never do that again) and started sewing. (and swearing – like I said, I’m hopeless at sewing.) Luckily we had heaps of felt in the craft box. At last, at two in the morning, the goat cap was finished. The littlest loved it. We dressed him in beige trousers and a white shirt, and he carried wooden canastas so he could trip-trop trip-trop as he walked.

    Sadly, everyone at the school thought he was a cow.

    I quit.

    If they have any more dressup days at school, I’m borrowing Sally’s sandwich board.

  10. That’s so adorable. Her little sandwich board makes it perfect.

    It could be worse. Near where I live there’s a crazy teenager who dances like a meth addict wearing a “Little Caesar’s Pizza” sign board. I will be dissuading my son from ever becoming that guy.

  11. CUTEST KID AWARD. She puts the Subway Guy to shame.

  12. Oh my God, all she’s missing is a crown of lettuce and a pool noodle to wave about to really get people’s attention. Hilarious post. And good Mommy for making her dreams come true while you still have some ability to help her execute.

  13. Just found your blog. Sally is lucky to have a mom who supports her, no matter what her dreams are!

  14. Too cute wow Mia would love to live on your street.

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