Quickie: Car Talk

**During the month of July, Mom-Colored Glasses is taking a bit of a break. There will still be posts, but not twice per week and I’ll do some shorter things, which I’m going to call Quickies despite the obvious innuendo there. I’ll also post a few “short stuff” items and post them on Facebook. It’s “summer lite.” Now, back to your regularly scheduled program. . . .**


We made two stops on our two-hour drive home from Fourth of July festivities on Monday: one for a milkshake to keep super-tired Sally awake during the late-afternoon car ride, and one potty break. So when she announced –five miles from home –“I’ve gotta POOP!” we told her to keep her pants on, we’d be home in five minutes. This child could enter bladder- and bowel-control competitions, so trust me, this is not a big deal. She could wait. But she shot back, “Poop wants to come out NOW.”

“Well, tell poop it has to stay in a few more minutes.”

. . . Sometimes I forget how literal kids are.

From the back, Mr. Embee and I hear a high, constricted voice: “Sally, I need to come out now.”

Sally’s voice: “You can’t, Poop. You have to wait. I’m sorry.”

“But I really need to come out!”

And on, and on.

Mr. Embee looks at me from the driver’s seat. “Is she having a conversation with her poo?”



“What are we doing for dinner?” When you live in Sally’s world, you just accept some things, like full, voice-altered conversations with fecal matter.


7 responses to “Quickie: Car Talk

  1. middleagedcrazywoman

    I LOVE it!! She sounds like a wickedly cool kinda child!! She’s amazing!!!


  2. I’m not sure who will end up writing a better autobiography….Mrs. Embee or daughter, Sally. She’s a hoot!

  3. Love her.

  4. naughtynappies


  5. haha Funniest thing ever. Might be my favorite..

  6. Wow! Can’t help but laugh on this one. Now, I’ve had plenty of conversations with a two year old about poop, but NEVER with poop. Interesting that poop would speak in a high pitched voice- now I would’ve thought low-Barry White low. But I guess being constricted in an intestinal track would make your voice high. Thanks Sally for the education.

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