The Happiest Place on Earth

We went to Disneyland in April and for the past month I’ve been trying to get my head around the experience and find something to write about. Not for lack of material, mind you. My family loves Disney. We’re loyal patrons, frequently visiting Mickey’s hood. There’s a lot to say; it’s just that in most cases, someone has already said it. But then I looked through our pictures again and like a real CSI, I saw it. Once, twice, three times, oh golly–she does it every time she poses with a character not covered in fur.

It’s so obvious.

And so, I give you . . . the boob grab.

It happens in every single dingle picture with a princess or fairy, and we spent about 2/3 of our time meeting these, well, victimized women. Someone needs to tell Sally that it’s okay to enjoy the happiest place on Earth,  it’s just not okay to enjoy the happiest place on Earth.


7 responses to “The Happiest Place on Earth

  1. Your daughter is officially my hero.

  2. I am not supposed to laugh this hard just before going to bed. And then after looking over my shoulder to see what I was laughing at, my boyfriend says, “does she have any tips on how _I_ can get to second base with Snow White?” Can you say doghouse?

  3. I’ve noticed how poised Sally looks in every princess picture I’ve seen, and how she seems to know exactly how to pose with a perfectly cute smile. But not until you pointed it out did I notice the exact placement of that hand. Awesome. 🙂

  4. That is awesome! 🙂 My niece does the same thing, I don’t know why. She is kind of obsessed with boobs. Watching Little Mermaid the other day with her mom, and all she could talk about was how nice Ariel’s boobs were….

  5. hahaha… what a daughter 🙂

  6. Now you know why I was laughing so hard while you took pictures! She did it everytime!! haha

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