Lost Without Lost

Not since the end of Friends have I felt such desperation. Photo: wakila/iStockphoto

On Sunday, Mr. Embee and I will huddle together on the couch and watch as our beloved show of six years, Lost, comes to an end. Then we’ll comfort each other. Then we’ll sign the divorce papers.

Nah, probably not that last part. But the Mr. did point out that Lost has been on for our entire marriage. He added, wide-eyed, “What if it’s the glue holding us together?” That probably sounds ridiculous to normal people but with us, it’s totally possible. If you don’t have kids, you can get married and continue to do lots of stuff — leave the house, for example. But after 8 pm, parents are stuck. We can’t go out together unless someone babysits. Also, we can’t stay awake past 10. We know we’re pathetic, but it’s life.

So the Mr. and I are trapped in our house, leaving us with several options: Talk about how dirty the house is and how we’ll clean tomorrow night; talk about Sally and/or work; totally ignore each other and work on blogs and Sudoku puzzles; play Scrabble; or watch TV. I get a little bent out of shape over Scrabble, and there’s only so much talking and blogging one can do, so that leaves TV. And Lost is the kind of TV that brings families together. We routinely stay up hours later than we should to discuss the events of an episode. We argue over plot points, we theorize. . . . We’re nerds. (It’s not like we’re the only ones. President Obama did reschedule his State of the Union address to avoid conflicting with the Season 6 premiere. I knew I liked that guy.)

With proper TV programming, this could be us someday. Photo: lisafx/iStockphoto

And now they’re taking our nerdy toy away! We’ve been married six years, which means we’ve got 44 more until the deal is off (I promised 50 years or life, whichever is shorter) and I have no idea if we can fill up a tenth of that time without the help of a quality television show. So networks, get cracking. We’ll keep it together over the summer with Netflix, but come fall my Tivo–and my marriage–is going to be starving for something new and exciting. Give us something good. Countless couples with children may depend on it.


14 responses to “Lost Without Lost

  1. Shameless plug:

    “The Event”
    NBC, monday nights this fall
    (Think Lost meets 24)

  2. LOL, it’s ok, you’ll make it through this loss…

    OtherHalf and I have been together for 13 years… long enough to witness the birth and death of many a favorite family event…

    Gilmore Girls
    Stargate SG-1
    Battlestar Galactica (the newest one)

    We have since moved on, found new friends…

    One Tree Hill
    (Yeah, I know, we’re Sci-Fi junkies…)
    The point is, you will miss Lost… but there will be other loves, other family faves… hang in there… all is not Lost… (oops, sorry) 😉

    • The closest losses I have before this are Friends and, as a child, Family Ties (because I was in LOOOVE with Michael J. Fox). But Lost is different. I’ve been thinking about it all week. I feel like someone died. Well, I guess they all did, but I mean for reals.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

  4. If you find a suitable replacement, let me know!! I too, am slightly in mourning.

  5. Well Caprica WAS fantastic, but they didn’t play it enough to get any publicity. I hate it when they spread out a show so much that no one even knows that it exists. Not fair!

  6. Bwahahaha, I know exactly how you feel. I don’t even have a TV over here but I do download and watch at least four shows religiously. Survivor, Curb your Enthusiasm, The Wire and Lost. And I think I’ll cry when it ends.

    I’m still hoping that they’ll make Locke look at the camera in the last scene and say, “Just kidding, see you next season!”

  7. OK, seriously. Did the husband really ask if “Lost” was the glue holding your marriage together? Because if so, I married the wrong guy and you got lucky I didn’t find that gem of a man first. That is cracking me up. It’s also so true.

    When we first moved into our house two years ago, a couple nice, but terribly deluded 20-something guys my husband works with offered to babysit so we could get out for the first time in months. We went to dinner and then literally sat in the parking lot outside the movie theater trying to decide what to do next. Any guesses? Go on…you’ve got kids, you know where this is going. Yep, we were home by 8:30 and in bed by 9. Those guys thought we were so lame. They’ll learn. One day…

    • You are too funny. Yes, I’m pretty lucky — I found a man who is as sarcastic as me! AND let’s me blog about him.

      We’ve had a number of dates like you described. So sad. But yes, someday those guys will have a child scream at them as they try to reply to a comment on their blog and they’ll think, “ah, I understand.”

      Gotta go feed the demon.

  8. Summer,

    Great post! I too wondered for the briefest of moments if Lost was holding my marriage together. 🙂 What will my wife and I do without our late night Lost recap discussions!?

  9. So can we get a TW: TMCG recap of the Lost finale? Did you and Mr. Embee debate the ending?

    • It’s going to continue for days. Maybe weeks. I’m such a dork I was getting all choked up again on the way to work thinking about Sawyer and Juliet. But what’s hitting me the most is how little most Lost viewers actually understand what’s going on! I’ve heard a lot of people thinking everybody died on the initial plane crash. Hellooo? Were you stoned the last two hours?

  10. Ooooh I had to crack up reading this. My hubbie and I are TV series junkies. Lost is one of the few missions we have not yet embarked upon, but I am sure it will happen. 24 was the highlight of our lives for a while, Sopranos, Six Feet Under, True Blood,…our latest faves are Weeds (you MUST WATCH!!!) Dexter, Boston Legal, and when I am home solo- Glee (but I plowed through that in a mere 4 days I believe). Yes, your marriage will survive this hurdle, but only after you go through all the proper stages of grieving. I do feel your pain!

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