New Year’s Resolution

Not mine. Please, like I can keep that kind of stuff going. But for kicks, I explained what a resolution was to Sally and asked what hers were:

“You mean like learn to be an astronaut?”

“Uh, yeah, kinda like that.”

“Okay, I will learn that for New Ear Restitution. [thinks for a bit, while sitting on potty seat, natch] I think I need to be 7 to be an astronaut. I need to be bigger.”

“Definitely.  I’ve never heard of a 3-year-old astronaut.”

“But how can I do it? I think I need to go to astronaut school. I only know how to float like this [waves arms like monkey, rolls eyes, sticks out tongue].”

“Well, that’s good floating. But you are right, astronauts go to lots of school before they can go into space.”

“But HOW? If I need to be 7, I will have to go to flying school, floating school, and going potty in outer space school. That is a LOT of school.”

“I don’t think you need to worry about it. You have plenty of time for all the school.”

“No I don’t. I am growing up! Maybe I should not get bigger.”

…So in the end we agreed we should start her training with a trip to the library to get some books on space. But isn’t it nice to know that even the newest humans freak out about how they will possibly accomplish their lofty goals? She’s still worried about this, on January 9. My New Year’s Resolution is to not ask Sally about any more career aspirations.


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