My Little Lobbyist

When I tell people 3-year-old Sally can argue ANY point, they sometimes ask for an example. This week she gave us a stunningly ridiculous indication of her prospects as a lawyer*.

Sally: “It’s going to RAIN, OH NO!!”

Mr. Embee: “No, it’s not going to rain today.”

Sally: “Yes it is.”

Mr.: “Look, every morning I watch the news and there is a scientist on there who studies the weather. She knows if it’s going to rain and she said it’s not.”

Sally: “Well, it IS going to rain. Vidia told me.” [Vidia, as if there is anyone on earth who has not heard of her by now, is a Disney fairy and Sarah’s best imaginary friend.]

Mr.: “Is Vidia a scientist?”

Sally: “Yes. She’s a science-talent fairy. She told me it’s going to rain, TODAY. …What will we DO if it rains?!”

Mr.: “It’s not going to rain.”

Sally: “Yes it is.”

Mr.: “I thought Vidia was a fast-flying talent fairy.”

Sally: “She changed her talent. She’s a science-talent fairy and she studies the weather.”

Mr.: “. . . I don’t think it’s going to rain today.”

Sally: “Well, it IS.”

* = Apologies** to any actual lawyers.

** = Not really.


2 responses to “My Little Lobbyist

  1. Everyday it rains somewhere. So…. I think Vidia was right. Sally wins. 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blogpost, keep on writing such exciting stuff!!

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