Daylight Savings: Another Thing I Can’t Explain

On the way home from daycare today, we tackled the issue of daylight savings. I know, we are THAT much fun. Anyway, here’s pretty much how it went.

“Mommy, why is the sun stuck?”

“Huh?” I’m full of great retorts like this.

“It’s DARK. Why is the sun STUCK?” Much like American adults talking to foreigners, Sally thinks I might understand better if she speaks loudly.

So I explained that it’s getting closer to winter time and in the winter the sun goes down earlier. AND YES, I know I was speaking incorrectly since it’s not actually the sun moving at all, but we have alphabet letters to conquer before we go there. Moving on:

“But HOW is it dark?”

“Well, the sun goes down at night and in the winter the sun goes down around dinner time instead of around bedtime.”

“It’s bedtime?! But I didn’t eat yet!”

“No, it’s…Never mind. It’s dinner time, don’t worry.”

“But it’s dark.”

“Yes. It’s autumn. Hey–”

“Can I have mac and cheese?”


“How is it dark? When is it my birthday again? Where did it go?” . . . Yeah, so now I’m confused. It’s been a long day–she may as well ask me to explain the fifth dimension. I feebly try to explain that birthdays are only once a year, and it’s still getting to be winter and this is just what happens at this time of the year, like the leaves turning fall colors.”

“Those leaves are not fall colors. They’re still green.” Aaaaaand explain evergreens.

“I don’t like green the best. I like blue and yellow the best. I’m sweaty. I think the sun is not stuck anymore! Mr. Sun will be so happy to see me. Can I stir the mac and cheese?”

“Yes.” Now we’re home. Thank goodness. Crayons and dolls, save me.


“Yes, Sally.”

“HOW is it DARK?”


5 responses to “Daylight Savings: Another Thing I Can’t Explain

  1. Get out a collection of balls and explain the earth’s rotation on its axis and its orbit around the sun (throw in the moon’s orbit while you’re at it) and she’ll get so bored she’ll never ask you again!

  2. Well… look at the bright side. It would be even harder to explain if you lived nearer to the Artic Circle. Then you would have to explain why there are days that the sun doesn’t come up or only comes up for a few hours!

  3. haha!! Very Funny!

  4. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  5. Mia too ask the question about the sun and the moon. Our conclusion was that the sun and the moon take turns and share the sky. “when the moon goes up the sun goes down” thats all they just take turns … The End.

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