Top 15 Reasons Sally Can’t Sleep

Though newborn sleeplessness is horrible, 2-year-old sleeplessness is it’s own unique brand of torture, involving endless trips up the stairs to trouble-shoot or hours of screaming. Sometimes both. If not solved in our household soon, someone in this family will be sold to the circus: I’m thinking of volunteering.

1: I’m not tired.

2: I’m hot.

3: I’m cold.

4: I’m hungry.

5: My door looks funny.

6: There are spiders in my room.

7: My blanket is not on right.

8: I need milk.

9: My stomach hurts.

10: I need to read another book.

11: There’s a tag in my shirt.

12: I need cool air.

13: I have a boogie.

14: I need [fill in princess].

15: My hands are sticky.


4 responses to “Top 15 Reasons Sally Can’t Sleep

  1. I’m just not looking forward to TEENAGE sleeplessness!!!

  2. 15 reasons to not go to sleep = “I want to be with you Mommy”.

  3. Your posts remind me that it doesn’t get easier as they get older! (Darn!!)

  4. I think they’re (sadly) very close to being done with naps. Our girls have too much to think about to waste time on dreaming.

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