If You Give a Kid a Camera . . .

She’s going to want to take pictures. When you let her take pictures, she’ll want to see them published. Also, I’ve had quite a week and this was easy to post. And so I present The World: Through 2-year-old Glasses:

The slide. A cornerstone of American youth.


Her purple tutu, which has only come off this week for 45-minute washing interludes, and her toes. Mommy likes to kiss the toes a lot, which is strange because otherwise I have a pretty serious foot aversion.


Her peeps. Parents and both sets of grandparents in one place. I leave the rest to your interpretation.


The original photomaster. All good personality traits come from somewhere.


View Obstructed. Or in other circles, Giraffe Butt.


Self-portrait. And yes, it’s supposed to be upside down. It’s art, people. Sheesh.



5 responses to “If You Give a Kid a Camera . . .

  1. Awesome – loved it!

  2. Great pics, Sally! It’s not hard to figure out which set of grandparents go with which parent. There’s the normal-looking folks, and then…. the others. 🙂

  3. Those are great! What a little artist

  4. wonderful pics! she did a really good job taking them!

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