For Better or for Worse: That was about network TV, right?

I don’t have much time to write this post because I have TV to watch! It’s very important that I watch TV. It’s been a long summer and Mr. Embee and I haven’t had that much to talk about. You can only dissect your child’s quirks and analyze your discipline style so many Thursday nights. Last week we hit our low. It was 8:45 p.m. Nothing was on. We’d just mailed back the latest Entourage DVD. So we looked at each other and the Mr. said, “Wanna go to bed?”

And he meant to sleep, you people-without-kids who actually thought something else might happen on a school night. Sheesh.

Television is the best, cheapest couples therapy we could ever hope for. As I speak, we are minutes away from watching the season premiere of  Project Runway. All night we’ve been giving each other anticipatory glances and checking the clock, waiting for Sally’s bedtime so we can be alone and watch diva fashion designers pull each others’ hair out. It’s gonna be good.

And to think, this is just the beginning. As the year rolls on we’ll be staying up until midnight discussing episodes of Dexter and Lost. We’ll revive lines from 30 Rock over dinner. Every autumn it’s like we’re dating again.

So that’s it. Get off the computer and go enjoy some old-fashioned boob tube action. I’ve got to skedaddle: the kid is in bed, the lights are low, the Tivo’s warmed up — it’s magic time.


2 responses to “For Better or for Worse: That was about network TV, right?

  1. I’m right there with you! What did we do before we had TiVo? I think he may be my best friend!

  2. Ah if only Mark and I liked the same shows. Our only show that we consistently watch together is the show Criminal Minds about profilers from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. We have serial killers in common. Not sure what that says about our marriage…

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