Glass Slippers are Not Practical…

…For many reasons, really, but the one that impacts me the most is their near invisibility. I thought you might like to see how I spend the majority of my time these days:


Yep, that’s a shoe. On a penny. This one is Cinderella’s. She has more pairs than Sally does. My main job this summer has been dressing and accessorizing four-inch tall princesses. Now, I can strip a ballgown off these ladies like nobody’s business. But, oh, the shoes. They’re killing me. There are pairs for every outfit (natch) and I need tweezers and a magnifying glass to pick them off the floor. And yes, the package probably said not to give these to any child under age 3 because it’s a choking hazard. And no, I don’t care. First of all, if Sally does something unseemly with these shoes, they’re going up her nose. And I know the drill for that particular offense. Second, if she did decide to swallow one, they’re about the size of elbow macaroni. There are kids who have munched cockroaches; a little made-in-China won’t hurt her much. Also, she loves them. Aside from making the dolls cry dramatically or propping them up to dance with Prince Charming, her favorite thing is to have me dress them. Then we make girlish chit-chat between the Little Mermaid and Mulan.

And that’s why I have spent my summer prying microscopic high heels out of the carpet and organizing rubber peasant dresses in a pink tackle box. It makes MY little princess happy.


2 responses to “Glass Slippers are Not Practical…

  1. Good for you! Enjoy the moment… some day you’ll miss playing princesses with Sally.

  2. You have way more tolerance for doll dress-up than I would. When I used to babysit my cousin’s daughter she’d start off trying to convince me to play dolls by saying: “I know you hate dolls but can we just play with them for…” [enter unacceptably long amount of time, …say 5 minutes. She teases me about it to this day. Good think I’m having a boy!

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