We’re Going on a Trip

Sally and I are going on vacation. But not together. Mr. Embee and I are leaving her for two nights, which is twice as long as I’ve ever been gone from her and about five times as anxiety-producing as anything I’ve done. Since I’m afraid to take Valium, I started making lists. I also considered a video diary containing my wishes for Sally’s future in the event that I die of stress.

One list is particularly awesome in its length. I swear I tried as hard as humanly Summerly possible not to over-prepare. But as you already know, that is extraordinarily hard for me. Mr. Embee will remind me that we are not sending Sally to the space station and that they probably have Children’s Tylenol even up there, but I can’t help myself.

Sally’s Packing List for N and P’s house:

Three outfits: Minnie dress, Orange dress, shorts & T-shirt
One sweater (it’s 100 degrees where she’s going)
Two pajamas
Three pair underwear
Three pair socks
tennis shoes
two barrettes (favs: orange sparkly, Number “2”)
Pictures of Mommy and Daddy
Medical permission slip
Toys: castle, princesses, Minnie doll, DUCK, doctor kit, blocks, Candyland
DVDs: Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
CDs: Music Together, jazz, nursery rhymes, mix made by Auntie M.
Inflatable bed
Pump for bed
Pillow, bed stuff (yellow “Mommy is thinking about you” bracelet, second pillow, comforter)
Hair detangler spray
Children’s Tylenol
Potty seat
Portable potty seat
Baby monitor
Partridge in a pear tree

I need a vacation.
The World: Through Mom-Colored Glasses will return in one week.


One response to “We’re Going on a Trip

  1. you still didn’t say where ya headin to 🙂

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