Gold-Star Day

Sally has a good behavior chart. It’s supposed to encourage her to do the things we like, such as cleaning up her toys or stopping whining before my hair frizzes. For each good behavior, she gets a star, and when she has 10 stars, she gets a small reward. Since I’m generally unmotivated but also a bit of a praise addict, I thought I, too, might be helped by a reward system. So far, I’ve scribbled down the following:

Good Behavior ———- Reward

Did not buy junk food in store. ———- Deserve a treat.

Thought about going to gym. ———- Skip gym.

Didn’t get road rage during commute. ———- Pat self on back for being superior human. Buy Starbucks mocha.

Did dishes. ———- Leave family room a mess. Eat some chocolate. But don’t use any dishes.

Put clean laundry away rather than use laundry basket as closet. ———- Sounds like a shopping trip is in order. Especially since now don’t know where anything is.

Took a shower and started dinner when I could have been napping. ———- Chocolate again, definitely. Am perfectly coifed Leave it to Beaver wife.

Lose five pounds. ———- . . . Seems like chocolate is the wrong choice here. Ah, nap and skip gym.

Put Sally to bed in record time without turning into Mean Mommy. ——— Open bottle of wine. Which will lead to chocolate.

Successfully covered stains on clothes and stayed awake while convincing frazzled new parents that it all gets much easier. ———- Brag to husband about being an excellent liar. Skip dishes and gym. Eat chocolate.


3 responses to “Gold-Star Day

  1. mybeatingheart

    You are too funny! I think you and I may share a similar philosophy on the gym and housework!


  2. Interesting. Opening a bottle of wine leads to cheese and crackers for me.

  3. Chocolate generally leads to more chocolate in my world.

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